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UX1000-BP wireless

Discontinued 2016 - Click Here for current wireless systems

Discover freedom on stage with a Carvin UX1000 wireless system! Whether you're a vocalist, guitarist, or bassist, a Carvin wireless system un-tethers you from your gear, allowing you to move around freely without having to worry about tripping over a cable or accidentally unplugging. Our wireless systems are lightweight, unobtrusive, and loaded with features to give you the best performance night after night.

The UX1000-BP is our finest wireless system featuring 960 user selectable channels with diversity UHF receivers. Superb tone, anti-feedback control, low battery indicator and assignable groups are just some of the features of the UX1000-BP. This system includes the base unit receiver along with a UBP1000 belt pack transmitter.

UX1000-BP LCD Front Panel

The UX1000 receiver features true UHF diversity reception. Dual antennas feed two completely independent RF receivers on the same frequency, while automatic logic circuitry continuously compares and selects the superior signal to provide better sound quality and reduce the possibility of interference and dropouts. Both the transmitter and receiver have 960 user selectable channels, which can be grouped into four groups. A lighted front-panel LCD displays simplifies setup, even on dark stages. Unbalanced 1/4" and balanced XLR connections allow hook-up to your amplifier, mixer or other equipment. The receiver can be mounted in a standard 19" rack (1U) with use of the optional UX-DR adapter.  A lavaliere mic, headset mic, or guitar cable completes the system.

The current version of this system does not operate in the 700mhz spectrum, and is therefore unaffected by the recent FCC ban on wireless gear operating on that frequency.




- Frequency Response: -3db @ 40 Hz & -10db @ 30 Hz (suitable for guitar, bass or similar instruments)
- S/N ratio: 101dB
- Receiving System: Diversity - PLL Synthesized
- Wireless frequency: 692-697Mhz
- Stability: ± 0.005%
- Image Rejection: >60 dB
- THD: <=1% @ 1kHz
- RF Sensitivity: -107dB£g for 12 dB S/N AD
- Audio Output: -12 dB / 800 ohm -unbalanced
- Output Conn.: Unbalanced 1/4" phone jack, Balanced XLR M-type
- Steel case
- Dimensions: 8.3" wide x 1.6" high x 5.4" deep
- Weight: 2.3 lbs
- Warranty: 90 days
- Batteries Required
- Power Supply 12-18V DC, 500 mA, with provided AC adapter



Don (Dondi) Weiss Prescott, AZ
"Not all wireless mics are created equal, but the best I've ever used, by far, is the UX1000. I was amazed by the clear, flawless connection I experienced when using the UX1000 wireless mics at the 2008 MCAS Miramar Air Show. At an airshow, there is a ton of RF all around you, but I had absolutely no interference no matter where the announcers decided to roam."

Warren Williams Portland, Oregon
"First impression of this unit is that it is totally transparent. Close your eyes and have someone switch between a wired connection and the wireless, you won‘t be able to tell the difference between them. At lease I couldn‘t. 

And talk about choice of channels...over 900! And then there is the 2 AAA batteries that last around 25 hours...nice." 

Joseph Richmond Atlantic Beach, FL
"The UX1000-BP is an amazing piece of equipment. The instant I was hooked up I was in love, running around the house and yard with my new wireless system to show off to the neighbors what rock n roll is all about. I have experienced 0 feedback, 0 discomfort, and the maximum distance from the system, the level remains audible, not diminishing or breaking up. Thank you Carvin for once again making me feel confident that every product in my lineup will have the name brand of Carvin, and will remain more sufficient in my needs than any other product on the market!" 

Smith Iuli Poway, CA
"Recently purchased this wireless system and I, along with other fellow musicians, are amazed at the quality of this system. No fadeouts, no loss of sound, no distortion, nothing but awesome tone. 

While playing in a restaurant, I went from the stage area into the bar area inside, about 100 ft, with a wall separating the two and the unit was still delivering awesome sound without loss of anything. I even walked outside to the street and stood on the corner light and the unit was still delivering without any loss. 

Totally amazing! Other units would have lost it. By the way, I am playing through a Carvin Nomad with my HSS Strat with humbuckers. I also have the Bel Air and the MTS3212 amps. I love your amps more than my Fenders and other amps. 

You guys have the best! Thank you for making such great products and keep up the good work." 

Dave Berland California 
"Was having a huge problem at our Church with the wireless system that we had. Huge drop outs and fading in and out also heavy static. The problem was some kind of interferance that we just could not locate. Trusting in Carvin's products I decided to try the UX-1000. Well I set it up turned it on and on the first channel there was a clean full sound. No matter where I moved with in the building the sound was true with NO drop outs or fading. Perfect - I did not even need to find a clear channel - right out of the Box. the problem was solved.. Thank you Carvin again for meeting ALL my needs." 

Dennis Saville Houston, TX
"What a great wireless unit for guitar. Since receiving the UX1000-BP as a Christmas gift in 2008, I’ve played a couple of gigs with it and I have nothing but good things to say about the unit. The sound quality is remarkable. I was certain that using a wireless would diminish my tone but that is not the case with the UX1000-BP. In fact I’ve had no sound problems with the unit whatsoever. I have not experienced feedback, fading, signal drop, break up, volume level issues, nothing. It’s like playing with a cable but without the confinement. 

Set up is a breeze. You can literally set it and forget it! There is no complicated programming required. With the transmitter belt mounted guitar changes are as fast as they get. The unit’s construction is high in quality. The receiver is encased in steel and the transmitter in a durable polymer. LCDs are bright and easy to read. What more can I say? The UX1000-BP is a great tool and an amazing value."