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Carvin Audio TRC410A Powered Column Array System

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TRC410A Column Array Package Includes: 

- 4 TRx3903 Column Array Speakers
- 2 TRx3010A Powered Subwoofer
- 2 PRO5TL Speaker Cable
- 2 PRO1TL Speaker Cable
- 2 CB3903 Carrying Bag for TRx3903 Speakers
- 4 SS7 Interconnect Poles

The 5000 watt TRC410A is a compact powerful column array sound system, featuring twice the components as the TC210A system. The TRC410A includes four TRx3903 columns and two TRx3010A powered subs. The broad coverage of this system is increased over the TRC210A up to 200 feet wide by 200 feet deep, covering up to 50% more people. With Carvin's CDD™ line array technology, the person in the front is not blasted with sound and the person in the rear hears crystal clear. The CDD technology makes the system ideal for both delicate acoustic performances giving amazing clarity and offering the power and punch for bands in a concert setting. This system is compact enough to fit in a midsize hatchback vehicle, but at 5000 watts it's designed for full band and DJ performances in clubs, banquet halls and outdoor events. The system can be set up in just a few minutes, and it can be expanded in the future to a 10,000 watt TRC610A system, or half can be used as TRC210A system for smaller events. Your dance floor or main event will have the power and clarity you never had before. 

Carvin's CDD™ technology used boasts a full bandwidth of smooth linear phase response with uniform projection from the front to the back of the venue. As you get close to the array, the level is clean and friendly while the rear is loud and clear. The CDD™ technology eliminates the excessive "front row blare" and feedback caused by having to turn up conventional systems to reach the back of the event. 

TRx3903 Column Array Speaker 

The TRx3903 is the new era of high output, wide coverage loudspeakers with an incredible high output to size ratio. The TRX3903 is an ultra-compact column array element. Each column element consist of nine 3-inch high performance drivers with a 120 degree horizontal coverage. The technology used in TRx3903 produces a smooth linear phase response from 160Hz to 18kHz, and uniformly projects clear sound. For optimum performance, two column elements arrayed vertically per side with subs will evenly cover an area with high intelligibility and consistent SPL more effectively than conventional point-source designs. The TRx3903's slim 5-inch width, along with integrated top and bottom pole mounts make setup quick, easy, and visually unobtrusive. These columns are designed to be used with a sub woofer at all times. 

TRx3010A Powered Subwoofer 

The TRx3010A is an active 2500W, X-Drive DSP processed subwoofer with an additional amplifier output for running a top main cabinet. The TRx3010A is our highest output to size ratio powered subwoofer system featuring Dual 10" subwoofers and power for external cabinets. The two high power,  TSUB10 woofers feature extended range voice coils with outstanding deep bass performance in a very compact enclosure. Optimized presets for several Carvin cabinets are factory programmed for simple connect, select and play setup. The 2500W active X-Drive DSP processed module provides a 1500W bridged amplifier for the internal dual 10-inch subwoofers and an additional 1000W amplifier output for external main cabinets. The internal X-Drive DSP processing maximizes performance output and protection using up to 48DB/oct crossover filters, parametric EQ, alignment delay and limiters. Turn on the Enhanced Bass and the ultra low end will come alive, lowering the cabinet’s frequency response by another 15Hz and boosting the 35-50Hz response. The DSP will control the output to keep this added response within the limits of the speaker.

The TRC410A system is complete with cables, speaker interconnect poles an carry bag. Made in the USA.


TRx3903 Column Speaker Specs: 

- System Type: CDD™ Column Array
- Frequency Response: 140 Hz – 18 kHz (-10DB), 160 Hz – 16 kHz (-3 dB)
- Coverage Pattern: 120H x 10V single cabinet
- Crossover: None
- Required Crossover Freq.: 160 Hz 24DB/oct
- Power (full range): 180w continous /360w program /720w peak
- Recommended Amplifier Power: 200w - 400w
- Sensitivity: 100dB (1w/ 1m); 97dB (1w/2m)
- Maximum SPL: 128dB Peak
- Driver: 9 x 3-inch drivers
- Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
- Enclosure: 11-Ply Russian Baltic Birch
- Suspension/Mounting: 8 captive 3/8in-16 nut fly points; Two 1-3/8 pole mount cups (top and bottom)
- Finish: Black DuraTec™
- Grill: Black powder coated steel Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing
- Connectors: Two 4-pin twist lock connectors
- Dimensions: 31.5" high x 5" wide x 5.25" deep (800 mm x 127 mm x 134 mm)
- Weight: 21 pounds (9.5 kg)
- Made in San Diego, California 

TRx3010A Powered Subwoofer Specs: 

System Type: Active 2500W, X-Drive DSP controlled, Dual 10 Inch Bass reflex 
Freq. Response: 40 Hz – 1.5K Hz (-10DB), 43 Hz – 1K Hz (-3 dB) 
Coverage Pattern: Omni - Cardioid in 8x Arrays 
Crossover: Active DSP design 
Crossover Freq.: Preset or Adjustable frequency at 24dB/oct. 
Input Sensitivity: Variable 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, and 2.0 Vrms settings 
Power: Internal Sub 1500W 20mS pulsed, External amplifier output 1000W 
Maximum SPL: 128 dB Peak 
Driver: 2x 10 Inch, 2.5 Inch extended Voice Coil 
Enclosure: 15mm Russian Baltic Birch 
Suspension: Two 1-3/8 pole mount cups 
Finish: Black DuraTec™ 
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel, Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing 
Connectors: One XLR male and One XLR female, Terminal block for remote volume/ mute. 
Dimensions: 15" high x 23.5" wide x 18" deep (381 mm x 597 mm x 458 mm) 
Net Weight: 57 lbs (26 kg)
Made in USA