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Carvin Amplifiers began as the L.C. Kiesel Company, which started in 1946. The first tube amps were produced in 1948, with later models featuring 6V6 and 5Y3 rectifier tubes. Mother of Pearl covering and hand wired chassis were the norm of that day with Jensen speakers introduced a few years later. Popular models in the 1980s included the X100B guitar amp, which was used by Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and Craig Chaquico. Other popular models in the 1990s included the Quad-X preamp, Nomad, Belair and Steve Vai’s Legacy amplifier. Bass amplification started in the early days too. The BX500, BX1500 and B2000 are our most popular models today.

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Everything started in the late 1940s with simple tube designs producing incredible tones, which have been blended with today’s world of mulit-channel, high gain sustain, MIDI control and reverb effects.

The legacy of Carvin Amplifers continues at our state-of-the-art factory in San Diego, California where every guitar amplifier and bass amplifier is made in the USA. Contact one of our amplifier experts to customize your own amplifier with your choice of speakers and exotic coverings, and take advantage of our factory support for the lifetime of your amp.






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