CBV3M Carrying Case for XP800L Mixer


List:$79.00 $60.00

Protect and transport your V3M head or XP800L mixer in this rugged carrying case. Durable nylon with padding, and heavy-duty stitching and hardware for years of use. Zips closed, and features a zippered pouch for accessories. Black with the Carvin logo.

- Nylon construction
- Heavy-duty stitching and zippers
- Padded
- Black

Todd Bogley USA 
"One thing that I like about CBV3M gigbag is the dual compartments. Since there isn't a cover offered for the V3M, or the BX250, I hoped that this would do. Since most of what I use my gear for is home recording, I don't really need a place for "cables & accessories". So, it all worked out when I got my order, and can now put my V3M, AND my BX250, away(in my gigbag) when not in use! Plus, it's not "jammed" in there, it's snug. Just perfect fit! Just a possible helpful tip for those curious." 

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