AD45 4-Pin to Dual 2-Pin Speakon Adapter

Carvin Audio

List:$35.00 $17.00

The AD45 is for biamping speakers without having to add ends to regular Speakon cables. The cable is 2 1/2 feet long with a 4-pin Speakon™ jack on one end and two 2-pin Speakon™ plugs on the other. One plug is wired to pins 1+ and 1- on the 4-pin jack, and the other plug is wired to pins 2+ and 2- on the jack. 

A typical usage would be if you put an LS speaker cabinet into biamp mode you can use a regular 4 wire Speakon™ cable from the cabinet. At the amplifier, you plug in the jack side of the AD45 to the Speakon™ going to the cabinet. Then the two plugs will be the high and low input of the cabinet. You can then plug them right into the amplifiers.

- 4-Pin to Dual 2-Pin
- Approx 2.5 feet long

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