SNK8P 100 ft 8 Channel Cable Snake

Carvin Audio

List:$289.00 $229.00

A high-quality pro audio snake is critical for any performer's live setup. Carvin's SNK8P snake is perfect for smaller groups that only need a few channels to their mixing board. The 100' length allows the snake to be routed to an optimal location in the backline or studio, and the cable is extremely flexible for easy coiling. The aluminum enclosure is light and durable, and the anti-reflective black connectors ensure crystal clear sound. Braided steel strain relief protects the cable for long life, even under harsh touring conditions. Includes canvas bag to protect connectors when not in use. 

- Anti-Reflective black connectors
- Aluminum black extruded enclosure
- Premium XLR connectors
- Braided steel strain-reliefs
- Heavy 22 ga oxygen free copper wire
- 8 channels, 4 returns

- 100' length
- 8 channels, 4 returns
- Premium XLR connectors
- Shipping dimensions: 15"x14"x9"  24lbs / 10.8kg

Bob Cross Colorado Springs, CO 
"Wow, what a great product and even a better price. I just added my second one, the first is in great shape - I now have the ability to do 16 returns and 8 sends for bigger gigs and split the terminal boxes to both sides of the stage. Great for smaller gigs with just one. Carvin continues to set the rest of the audio world on its ear, when it comes to quality and price. Keep it up!" 

Levi McGee Kansas 
"These snakes work perfect for an "all Carvin" setup. With all XLR inputs and sends, you won't need any transformers. I would suggest getting two 8-channel snakes instead of a 16-channel. Or even three 8's for a 24-channel board. This way you can utilize all the sends on your board." 

Robert Cross Colorado Springs, CO 
"The product is very well designed and bullet-proof. Works great and love the cabling at the top of the snake to hang off the mixer case and take the strain off the cable housing and wiring. The greatest thing besides the quality of the product is the customer service. The sales guy estimated I would have the snake by the gig and it arrived in time. Thanks again." 

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