UX1200BPKD Wireless Headset Microphone System- Professional Youth

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  • 1 UX1200R Wireless Receiver (506 MHz - 542 MHz)
    1 UX600B Belt Pack Transmitter
    1 PERFORMERKD Tan Headset Microphone for Youth

    The UX1200BPKD System with the PERFORMERKD Tan over-ear microphone is designed for for professional youth actors in theatrical engagements and speaking where high intelligibility is required while maintaining a tight, natural sound with crisp highs and defined low end. The PERFORMERKD is capable of reproducing a high vocal SPL input while maintaining a clean undistorted output. The over-ear design makes for quick hassle free use for the speaker or performer. Add a UX-DR dual rack mount kit for a complete solution.


carvin ux1200 wireless belt pack system for theater and drama


Designed for intelligibility of vocals
Short microphone boom for optimal placement on kids
Micro-flex wire design allows for discreet positioning
Superior feedback rejection over a lavalier microphones.

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