NE10-8 300W Neodymium 10 Inch Woofer


List:$169.00 $119.00


10" high performance Neodymium woofer, for pro sound and bass guitar applications. 2.5" Voice Coil. Power 300W, Rear Vented, 50-6kHz, 8 ohms, Net weight 4.5lbs.

- 10" Neodymium Woofer
- 2.5" Voice Coil
- 300W @ 8 ohms
- Rear Vented
- Freq Resp: 50-6kHz
- Net weight: 4.5lbs.

Marc Lutz Denver, CO 
"I bought 2 NE10-8 Bass speakers to fill an empty cabinet, wanted to keep the weight down. Man, these speakers are light as air and really sound good too." 

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