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adobe pdf icon          AC120S User Manual

  • The ultimate all-in-one power conditioner, the AC120S provides ten outlets that sequentially power on and protect your gear on any stage. Much more than a surge suppressor, this unit is equipped with an EMI/ RFI line filter to provide you a hum-free show, while adjustable LED rack lighting helps you set up in the darkest venues.





"A must have for any rack system"

Sequential power on/off

Turning on (or off) a complete audio system from one switch can create loud “pops” which can damage speakers and other gear. 

The AC120S features sequenced power start-up and shutdown. Each outlet is turned on one at a time, with a delay between each one.


Ten protected outlets feature both surge protection and RF filtering to provide stable noise-free power to your equipment.

See in dark places

Two extendable light tubes bring LED lighting to your rack so you can access gear quickly once the venue lights go dark.