DH-HT151-16 Replacement Diaphragm

Carvin Audio

List:$29.00 $20.00

DIAPHRAGM, REPLACEMENT, DH-HT151-16. Replacement Diaphragm for the LS1202, LSX1202, LSX1202M/A, LS1502, LSX1502, LSX1502M/A, LS1503, LSX1503, LSX1503M/A. 

It is also a replacement diaphragm for the PM series, BR series, and the BRx series horn drivers.

This diaphragm was previously called the HFDD20 and the DH1000.  It is a replacement diaphragm for the current HT151-16 1inch exit horn driver.

Bill Drewes

Just as described.AAA Ok +++

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