QX5A Active 3 Channel Near Field Monitor


adobe pdf icon QX5A User Manual 

  • Package Includes:
    1- QX5A Active Monitor with 3 Channel Mixer
    1 -Top Mount Mic Extension Pole with 3/8-16 and 5/8 adapters
    1 -Microphone Stand Mount with 3/8-16 threaded adaptor

    The QX5A is designed to function as both a powered near field monitor and as a three channel mixer/monitor with an external output to send to a QX15A or SCx Series powered main speaker for live performances. The QX5A is ideal for the solo performer who wants an all in one mixer/monitor with the ability to connect a larger active main speaker or amplifier for live performances in small to medium size venues. Houses of Worship can benefit from the compact near field design, allowing audio from the mixing console to be sent directly to the performer(s) on stage and allowing the performer to adjust his or her own volume and tone as needed.