AC120S - Power Conditioner/Sequencer


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The AC120S Power Conditioner/Sequencer is a universal AC distribution control center that is capable of five major functions:
(1) 10 stage microprocessor controlled SEQUENTIAL power-up,
(2) 10 AC outlets/stages,
(3) Voltage spike protection,
(4) LED tube rack lighting
(5) Pure Power dual EMI/RFI AC line filtering.
Without question, the AC120S is the most advanced and comprehensive unit providing protection, while making the AC voltage operation of your rack more controllable and failsafe. No rack should be without the AC120S.

- Studio
- Home Studio
- Houses of Worship
- Clubs / Restaurants
- Working Bands / Mobile DJ's
- Commercial installations

- 20A rating to any one outlet or divided into all 10 outlets
- 10 120V AC outlets
- 10 stage microprocessor sequential power-up (1 stage per outlet)
- Choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 seconds between stages
- Master switch turns all stages on/off
- Each stage (outlet) can be turned on/off by its own front panel switch
- Pure power dual EMI/RFI filter traps AC line noise
- 3 power surge Transient/Surge Absorbers protects against all AC spikes
- Digital voltmeter ensures that sufficient voltage is supplied to your gear
- Dual front -pull-out LED lamp tubes supply light for adjusting equipment
- 12- gauge copper wire reduces internal AC voltage drop
- 20A 12- gauge AC cord heavy-duty strain relief
- One year limited warranty

Each piece of equipment can be powered in the proper sequence with the AC120S to prevent audio pops on the stage or in the recording studio, or preventing an AC breaker from blowing in the main panel because it turned the wrong piece of gear on first. The sequence is reversed for power-down. Each 120V AC outlet is turned on one-step-at-a-time with your choice of 1,2,3, or 4 second intervals between each AC outlet. Sequencing is initiated by a master switch, or you can set the master switch so everything turns on. A bonus feature allows each AC outlet to have its own master switch on the front panel for individual control - keeping some gear off while other gear remains on while you perform.

The 20A current capacity of the AC120S is the highest available for a single 1-RU unit available. The heavy 12 gauge AC input cord and the internal 12-gauge copper routes the AC120S's full 20 amp capacity to any one outlet or divided to all of the 10 outlets through microprocessor controlled 35A relays. The large gauge wire reduces the voltage drop to a very minimum, enabling your equipment to deliver its full potential.

It's good to know that every piece of your equipment is protected by the AC120S against voltage spikes, whether it's static, on the line, or a surge from the power company. 3 Power surge Transient/Surge Absorbers are featured. are always monitor the incoming line.

The pure power AC120S EMI/RFI filters out all stray AC noise. This dual stage filter traps all the EM/RF noise on the AC line, if not in the first stage, then in the second stage - providing pure noise-free AC for all 10 outlets.

What better way then to assure that your equipment is running up to its full potential than to monitor the AC voltage. The AC120S reads the AC line before the 10 output AC plugs are turned on, so you can see the condition of the AC line before you submit your equipment to the available AC power.

The AC120S features a heavy-duty steel chassis galvanized to prevent rust. 10 heavy-duty relays are rated at 35A, preventing failure if one outlet should draw more than 20 amps. The primary AC cord has a large strain relief, which contains the large 12 gauge cable.

* Current Rating:   20 Amps
Current Rating of Each Outlet:   15 Amps
Number of AC Outlets:   10
Grounding:   3 pin grounded AC sockets - directly connected to AC input ground
Operating Voltage:   90 - 1340 VAC
AC Digital Volt Meter:   3 digit, 0 to 999, red LED
Spike Protection:   3 transient/surge absorbers
Spike Clamping Voltage:   185 VAC peak, 133 VAC RMS
Maximum Surge Current:   6.5 kA
Energy:   140.000 J
Sequential Switching of Each Outlet:   Microprocessed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 second steps
Sequential By-pass:   Yes
Light Supply:   2 tubes with 4 inch extensions
Type of Light:   Multi-LEDs
Life of LEDs:   + 500,000 hours
AC Filter Type:   EMI/RFI dual stage
Noise Reduction:   9 dB @ 10k Hz, 41 dB @ 100km, 102 dB @ 10MHz
All High-Current Internal Wiring:   12-gauge
AC Input Cable:   12-gauge with strain relief
Construction:   All-steel chassis with heavy gauge copper wire
Color:   Black chassis
Power Consumption:   5 watts
Rack Space:   1RU
Dimensions:   44mm (1.75") high, 280mm (11") deep, 482mm (19") wide
Net Weight:   54kg (11 lbs)

* Every type of power conditioner rated up to 20A is not designed for multiple power amps unless they are of a low power nature. One high power amp can consume up to 20A or more when delivering their full output.

Pete Williams

Product works great. Good build quality. LED's are too bright. Pull out lights are much nicer than I expected. This would be a great device to hack if the microcontroller was mounted in a socket. I would love to control the relays with an Arduino board to give me more flexibility and to allow control of the unit with my iRule universal remote control system.

Corey Wilkinson Montana
"This thing is rock solid. We have used it inside and outside and pulled it across the country! Not one problem. Ever! We have owned or used Furman, Crown, Monster etc and for the quality and value this thing beats them all." 

Aleks Shkuratkov Vancouver, WA
"I've had this power conditioner for about three years now. And its been working great. I absolutely love the availability to switch any of the plugs from the front via the individual push-buttons (which control the internal heavy-duty switching relays). 

The sequenced power up/down is a very clever feature, and saves your gear (and the conditioner itself) from a large and harmful current spike, and prevents the potential nuisance tripping of the circuit breaker at the panel, as well as a nasty voltage sag (when the lights in your room go slightly dim for a second when you turn on something big). 

The build is very, very solid. Thank God there are still quality manufacturers in the USA! And for this price, this is absolutely THE best value for a power conditioner in this size/format. Mine currently powers my home recording rig, and I plan to get several more for our band gear." 

Jeff Treadwell Crockett, TX 
"This is an awesome, solidly-built piece of gear, easily worth twice the price to protect your more expensive equipment. This is only my second purchase from Carvin, but it won't be the last!" 

Daryl Oregon 
"Absolutely fantastic. I purchased this item on sale from Carvin direct because the specs looked good and the price was right. I received my item 5 days from the time I ordered it. I opened the box and was pleased to find a heavy duty, professional looking piece of rack gear. It had a very fat power cable 12ga!! It was a little heavy, but all good electronics have some heft. With all the useful features, I really feel like this unit is an incredible value even at the regular price. It's a truly great example of American "built to last" craftsmanship and quality. Americans can manufacture a product of fine quality at a reasonable price point. Absolutely fantastic. Buy with confidence." 

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