RX1200L-2153 1600W 12 Channel Complete PA System


List:$1,959.00 $1,659.00

Package Includes: 
- 1 RX1200L Powered Mixer
- 2 LS2153 Speakers
- 2 M68 mics & cables
- 2 C50S Neutrik™ speaker cables 

RX1200L Mixer: 

Carvin is excited to add the ultra-light RX1200L 12 channel 1600w powered mixer to its line. The 4 power amps deliver 400w at 4 ohms or 300w at 8 ohms each to give the R/L main speakers plenty of clean RMS power while delivering 400 watts to each of the Monitor 1 and 2 outputs through Speakon™ and 1/4-inch connectors. Features like the dual channel effects and dual 24 bit processors allow each channel to have two effects. Up to 2 optional mic or belt-pack dual diversity wireless systems can be plugged into the top eliminating cable clutter. A USB Power Port supports charging an iPod™ or panel light. The CLASS D output runs cool from its 94% efficiency - no wasted heat or energy from the AC plug. Made in the USA. 

LS2153 Speakers: 

The LS high-end loudspeakers are American made in San Diego, CA. Each enclosure is designed, tuned, and ported using LEAP™ software and tested with LMS™ software for optimum system performance. Multi-ply Hardwood offers the strength for professional service. Professional Neutrik™ Speakon connectors, Mylar crossover capacitors and Speaker Guard HF driver protection are just part of the top quality design. 

The LS2153 is designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker or couple with a subwoofer for an extended low-end system. Effective for both permanent and portable applications, it comes with handles, rubber footpads, and a 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup. Covered in black DuraTuff™. 

Applications include:
- Medium Club system
- High Power Drum Monitor
- House of Worship
- Band PA

The LS2153 is our smallest dual 15-inch high power enclosure that offers big stage performance. The tight footprint takes up very little room on stage and helps in packing them away. It makes a great drum monitor. The unique 3-way design uses one of the heavy duty 15-inch woofers for mid and low frequencies and the other for low frequencies only, providing cleaner mid frequencies and all the low-end punch of two 15-inch woofers. The high power extended range HF titanium driver delivers great clarity matching the woofers. The enclosure is constructed of CNC machined multi-ply Hardwood with heavy gauge steel powder coated front grills. The crossover includes 4 pin NL4 Speakon and 1/4" phone connectors mounted on FR4 double sided circuit boards for solid construction and durability. Carvin's exclusive Speaker Guard™ HF Driver protection uses a self resetting relay circuit to dim the HF driver 10 dB protecting the voice coil from excessive power. The benefits are the driver is not turned off losing all the high frequencies, the circuit resets as soon as the high frequency content is back to normal levels.


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RX1200L Mixer: 

- Superb sound from 12 XLR low noise mic pre amps, plus one stereo channel with 1/4" R/L & RCA inputs 
- 4 power amps – R/L & Monitors 1&2 delivering 1600w RMS, 2400w peak power for large venues. Each amp delivers 400w RMS at 4 ohm, 300w RMS at 8 ohm. 
- Rack mountable - remove end-caps to install into a 5U or larger rack case 
- Speakon™ combo 1/4-inch connectors. 
- 5V USB power port for iPods™, MP3 players or USB LED lights 
- Professional Insert jacks at the push of a button on the first six channels 
- Variable GAIN controls adjust the input levels to eliminate noise & over driving 
- Active LOW, MID and HI channel EQ 
- Four 9 band Graphic EQ’s - R/L, plus Monitor 1 and 2 
- 2 DSP effect processors allow 2 effects at one time with over 256 effects each with controls sending the effects back to the floor monitors 
- +48V Phantom condenser mic power 
- Music Break switch allows back-ground music while the channels are muted. 
- Class D power amps deliver high dynamic power from the Switchmode power supply that operates at 100,000 Hz for maximum efficiency delivering great sub bass performance while eliminating the weight 
- No wasted energy from the AC wall plug, plus it runs cool because it operates at 94% efficiency 
- AC input: 120V 60 Hz 
- Size: 19"W x 10.5"D x 10.3"H, 18 lbs. 
- Top slot for two optional USM16-MC or USM16-BP mic or belt-pack wireless systems – eliminates the clutter 


LS2153 Speakers: 

 - System Type: Dual 15-inch 3-Way, bass-reflex

- Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 20 kHz (-10DB) ; 51 Hz - 18 kHz (-3 dB)

- Coverage Pattern: 90H x 60V

- Crossover: 3-Way with Speaker Guard™ HF protection

- Crossover Frequency: 350Hz, 2.5 k Hz

- Power: Full Range 800w continuous /1600w program /3200w peak

- Recommended Amplifier Power: 450 - 900w

- Sensitivity (1w @ 1m): 101dB

- Maximum SPL: 130dB

- LF Driver: 15-inch woofer

- MF/LF Driver: 15-inch woofer

- HF Driver: 1-inch 1.5" Dia. titanium

- Nominal Impedance Full Range: 4 ohms

- Bi-amp LF: 8 ohms 800w /1600w /3200w

- Bi-amp LF/MF+HF: 8 ohms 50w /100w /200w

- Enclosure: 18mm Multi-Ply Hardwood

- Suspension/Mounting: none

- Finish: Black DuraTuff™

- Transport: 2 Recessed Handles

- Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel

- Connectors: Two NL-4 Neutrik Speakons, Two ¼ TS phone jacks

- Dimensions: 1110mm (43.75") high, 420mm (16.5") wide, 380mm (15") deep

- Net Weight: 33 kg (73 lbs)

Ivan Sears Rochester Hills, MI
"I ordered the RX1200L Powered Mixer and LM15 speakers. Used them at an open mike a week later to rave reviews. Excellent package and very reasonable to move around due to the light weight."

Scott Gaines Corona, CA
"I can't believe how incredibly light this thing is. It's very flexible with all its options and features. It's stereo, too, which I think is cool. The onboard FX aren't super great, but they're decent enough to put a little 'verb or slap-back echo on your vox, and the power on tap is as impressive as any powered mixer I've ever seen. 400 watts X 4? Outstanding! The fact that it has 2 monitor mixes is almost enough by itself to put it in the pro category for me, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I feel this is a professional sound-guy's first choice. This unit is for the weekend warrior who wants to provide sound for his band in the bars. All 4 internal amps have their own 7 band EQ, and channel 12 has stereo 1/4" inputs for piped-in music, or MIDI sequences. It also has a set of tape-in, and tape-out RCA jacks. It has Left and Right XLR outs for external amps or powered mains when additional support is needed for larger venues, an active sub XLR out with bypassable crossover @120hz so you can hook it up to an external power amp to power a subwoofer. Or you could just plug it into a powered sub and you're set. Each channel has inserts on it so you can run each individual channel through external equipment, and it also has inserts for the main and monitor mixes, so you can use stuff like a compressor or some other kind of signal processor to further enhance your sound.

This is a very capable unit for small bars, coffee-houses, and even some backyard party type events. Get yourself some mains and a powered subwoofer, and you've got a decent PA going. I think the best part about the Carvin RX1200L is that unlike other powered mixers, there is a lot of room to grow and expand your rig. There are so many possible connections that it's a great way to get your personal stage rig started.

All in all, I'm very excited about my RX1200L."

Vic Tommarchi Naples, FL
"The RX1200L powered mixer is ideal for a 5 pc. band like mine that does single engagements in banquet halls. We carry our own sound system, and play to 200-300 people. The generous amount of channels & wattage, coupled to it's light weight sold me on this product. The system is clear and crisp. I have other Carvin products, and have never been disappointed."

Ernie Harris Jr Springfield, MA
"First just for the record I have been playing bass and singing for 41 years. I bought this mixer a couple of months ago and use it in small club venues and couldn't be HAPPIER. I love the effects for a great vocal sound. Putting guitars through it is a gem. But most of all I love the fact that I have 4 x 400 wts amps to use for mains and monitors. This has to be the best money I have spent in years and look forward to gigging with this unit for the next few years. Also you can't beat the weight of this unit."

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