BRX10.2 Bass Speaker Cabinet


List:$629.00 $499.00

The BRX line was developed for the professional bass player to hold up night after night and gig after gig while giving the best tonal sound quality. The 10.2 and 10.4 enclosures use heavy-duty 56 oz Cast Frame 10 inch bass drivers to give unmatched tone and performance. Their full range and deep tone come from the ported, computer tuned premium 13-ply Russian Birch enclosure. Both the 10.2 and 10.4 are tuned down to 28 and 26 Hz respectively, reaching below the low B string frequency. The new high powered 1" titanium horn driver delivers another 2.5dB output that makes your highs defined. Whether you play 4, 5, or 6 string bass, fretted or fretless, active or passive, the BRx line by Carvin will give you the sound you and your audience can appreciate. Made in the USA. 

- BRX10.2 & BRX10.4 designed for low B - subwoofers not required
- Heavy duty 56 oz cast frame 10" 300 watt drivers
- Professional 1" Titanium HF driver for crisp-slap highs up to 22k Hz
- Russian Birch construction
- Heavy-duty Crossover with high current Speakon™ connectors
- 6-position horn attenuation: -3, -6, -12, -24dB, off, or full on
- DuraTex™ scratch resistant, weatherproof polyurethane finish
- Deep recessed steel handles for easy handling

Titanium HF driver adds a new dimension in high frequency articulation

- 2 heavy-duty 56 oz cast frame 300w 10" woofers
- 1" Titanium compression HF tweeter
- Impedance: 4 ohms, power handling: 600 Watts
- Reproduces Frequencies from low B (28 Hz to 22k Hz)
- Frequency response 35 to 18kHz +/- 5DB
- Sensitivity: 101dB @ 1w and 129 dB @ 600w
- Size: 24.5" wide x 15" deep x 17" high
- Weight: 57 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California

Andrew Nelius Tullahoma, TN 
"I am very happy with the compact size of this cabinet considering its power more back-breaking equipment hauls. Unbelievable value---no other manufacturer came close regarding size & power & features for the same price. Nice work Carvin." 

Dan Simpson Key West, FL 
"Man, this cabinet captures my sound impeccably. Plugged my '66 Jazz bass into a Sansamp Bass Driver pedal to a decent power amp in bridge mode and the sound is effortless and smooth with plenty of good lows. In fact, I could make stuff fall off the wall if I wanted to. It exceeds my expectations." 

Steve Tracy Blue Grass, IA
"I bought my B1500 Mono Block head over a year ago and have gigged steadily with it since that time. Within minutes after I played through it for the first time, I knew that it delivered the finest sound quality of any amp I'd ever had - clean, quiet (at line level), and *very* powerful. I use it to drive a Carvin BRX10 (4x10) and an Eden D210XST (sorry, guys - bought this before you offered your awesome new 2x10) and I've got the finest-sounding rig of any bassist I've heard in this region. The power is over the top but it's the sound that has other players coming up to ask what I'm using. Of course, my beloved Carvin basses (LB75 and LB75WPF) help to complete the sound package but I'm always happy to tell them everything about my rig. 

As important, our band's sound man loves the B1500, as well. The sound he gets running it direct to the board is hum-free and flat. He especially appreciates my B1500 because he's worked with other bass rigs that are neither line-quiet nor flexible enough to give him the pre/post option when running direct. 

To reiterate, I love this amp! The only thing I'd change about my rig is to swap out the other 2x10 for the BRX10.2NEO. I'll have to wait to get a few more gigs under my belt! 

Thanks very much for making a reliable, powerful, and pristine-sounding amp. Whether gigging or rehearsing at home, it makes playing truly enjoyable." 

John Ross Helena, Montana
"This is the cleanest, most powerful bass amp I have ever used. I have used this amp going on three years and I am still amazed by the true clean sound that I get out of this head. I am using an Accugroove El Whappo cabinet, Carvin BB75p bass and a Carvin LB 70 fretless bass and the sound and clarity is incredible!" 

Tim Beaton London, England
"Hey, being a long time admirer of Carvin products (my brother bought a DC150 back in 1979) but finding them rarer than hen's teeth over here in the UK, I was looking for a lightweight bass amp. Quite by chance I came across the BX500, and finally through the good auspices of Guitars Amps Drums in the UK bought one and a BRX 10.2 Neo. 

What a combination! Best bass sound I've ever had on stage, and the most portable! Have made several of my bass-playing mates do a double take when they see the amp, and then look round at their standard 200W amps. 

Only problem is, now that I can obtain your products over here, I am constantly looking at the website trying to convince myself I need another bass/guitar/amp." 

Kevin Bee Byron, MI 
"WOW!!! what a powerhouse. This little cabinet, teamed up with the BX500 head, and I have a 500 watt mini stack, that weighs just under 50 lbs, with tons of tone, and incredible bottom end. Carvin, you guys are building monsters in California! Keep up the great work guys!" 

Ed Groblewski Pompano Beach, FL 
"I recently purchased the BRX10.2NEO and I love everything about this cabinet. Light and plenty of head room for small to medium gigs. I was using the NEO 4x10 and I needed something lighter, quick set-up and less strain on the back. I'm using this with a SB5000 bass and a light weight 900W amp. Plenty of power, excellent low-end and great overall sound! Highly recommend." 

John Mark Smith Springfield, IL 
"I have played bass for 40 years and have owned numerous bass amps and bass cabinets. As I have aged, I can no longer strain against the weight of an 8X10 or even some 4X10 cabinets. The BRX10.2NEO cabinet has been a dream come true. It sounds, and transports like a much larger cabinet with loads of dB and low end with high-fi clarity." 

Peter Gray Texas 
"I bought two of these so I could have a portable rig ,essentially a 4 x 10 configuration. I play a 300 Watt Vintage SVT throught them. These cabinets are great, they are very accurate and do not distort, The amp itself has a great growl and I don't want any distortion coming from the speakers. The 600 watt rating is huge and these speakers can take all the power of my monster amp and the Ampeg can go down to 2 Ohms. I have tons of low end now and my sound cuts through the mix. I would recommend getting a couple of these. I have had and Eden 15, a SWR 2 x10 working man's, a GK 4 x 10, an aguilar 1 x 12 and a Dietz 2 x 15, a genz benz 1 x 15 etc. I think this is the most I have spent on speakers, but these things blow away all those low wattage rigs." 

Ron Skinner Hollis, NY
"Got to say it one of the best sounding cabinet I played though. It has one of the best low B tone I ever heard. I got one to try, now I own two of them. I'll getting rid of my Eden 4/10 cab for these. I must say the BRX cabinets with NEO speakers are winner." 

Craig J. Stefko Bethleham, PA
"What a great cabinet. Lightweight. Full sound. All I can do is praise this cabinet along with being hooked up with the BR500 bass head. This is the best sound I have ever had. Once again Carvin, you did it! Love my Carvin equipment not to mention the Carvin sound system we have and use. Thanks Carvin!!" 

Paul Wehr Indiana 
"I bought this cab about a year ago. I couldn't be happier! I had researched and played many. This was the finest in this price range, or even close. Thanks for AMERICAN made, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY products. Carvin's the best!!" 

Scott Brooks West Virginia 
"In my search for low end sonic bliss I have discovered a jewel that far out-shines the competition. In my 15 years of playing i have tried it all when it comes to bass enclosures, from Laney to Fender to Ampeg and yes I found plenty of low end and growl, however the sparkle was always missing. Well that was until I picked up a BRX10.2 NEO and lets just say that everything else in my arsenl is for sale! This compact 2X10 cabinet has the low end thump that 15's are known for and the tight focused clarity that only 4-10s can give and it does it all in a small easy to transport package. Carvin BRX is the new standard in LOW END MAYHEM!!!!!" 

Charles Curvin Phoenix, AZ 
"What a cabinet! I just drove to San Diego last week for some time with my wife and we went to Carvin. I tried the BX500 head and this cab. Bought them both on the spot. 4 days later was my band practice. everyone loved the sound. I play a BB75 and a Peavey passive with flats. My search is over. I tried Hartke, GK, Ampeg and a few others. The flexability of this system is fantastic. The 3 EQ's allow for anything I want. I had an RL600 in the past. I liked it but it took a long time to get a sound I really liked. This was instant. I can't see ever looking for more in an amp or cab. This is it." 

Jeffrey Salvatin Union City, CA 
"Ordered this cab Tuesday, came in Thursday and oh boy it made my day! Used it on Saturday and it blows me away!!! Thanks Carvin for making such a well built/tuned cab. I will recommend it anytime, anyday!!!" 

Bob Jones Texas 
"I purchased the BRX10.2NEO as an addition to my BR515. The addition has made a dramatic effect in my ability to cut through the mix. The increased midrange gives my playing a nice extra punch. Also, the ability to run my amp at 500 watts has not hurt as well. The cabinet seems extremely well-made. It handles my 5-string with no problems. I stacked my BR515 on top on and have noticed no low-end loss. The BRX10.2 provides great low-end and mid-range response at a great prices. An excellent deal on a great USA-made product." 

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