B2000 Lightweight Mono Block 2050W Bass Amp Head


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The mighty B2000 mono block head has been called the "King" of bass amps for one reason - its massive 2050 watts. Its style offers the classic boutique look that in part comes from the large brass knurled chrome knobs, which offer a solid feeling when using the controls. Featured in a 19" 2U rack mount package weighing under 14 pounds, the days of 80 lbs amps are over. But more then power, it’s the big tone this amp produces from its CLASS A preamp, 6 active EQs and warm 12AX7 tube. The B2000's light weight, premium features, rugged construction, including the exclusive "lock-in" AC cord, offer the bass player what he/she needs to be heard and felt. Nothing provides a better foundation than the B2000 - huge power and big tone. 

High Headroom Tube Driven Power Amp 

The high output B2000 produces 700w RMS at 8 ohms, 1300w at 4 ohms or 2050w at 2 ohms. The B2000 uses three different transparent limiters to maintain its high headroom to assure ultra clean power even with extreme string slapping. For added warmth, take advantage of the internal 12AX7 TUBE that utilizes two stages that precede the power amp section. 

Drive Control 

The DRIVE control adjusts the input level to the CLASS A preamps and compensates for the input sensitivity of various bass pickups. The DRIVE will add harmonic content to your sound when approaching 10 on the dial, which pushes the CLASS A preamps into a sweet overdrive. 

Dedicated Tone Circuits 

Tone begins with a boutique flat response. However, the 6 active tone circuits are available to carve out your signature sound, starting with the SUB BASS. Its simple yet powerful controls make it easy to dial in your idealized tone without fussing with lots of knobs. 

Direct Output 

The direct out features a DI LEVEL control and PRE/POST switch on the rear panel controlling the XLR balanced output on the rear. The PRE setting is buffered directly from the first stages of the preamp to the XLR. The POST setting includes the EQ and EFFECTS LOOP, bypassing the MASTER LEVEL. This enables level changes without affecting the XLR output. The XLR is muted by the MUTE switch. The GROUND LIFT switch next to XLR helps isolate hum to the recording or PA console. 

B2000 Features 

- MASTER level controls the overall level
- ACTIVE/PASSIVE switch tailors the input for different bass outputs
- MUTE switch can be engaged for quick bass changes, which is also controlled by the optional FS22 footswitch
- TUNER output jack is independent of the MUTE switch
- EFFECTS LOOP is designed to work with footpedals or rack processors, and is switchable from the front panel or from the optional FS22 footswitch 
- SPEAKER OUTPUTS feature high current SPEAKON™ combo jacks, which also accept standard 1/4" cables
- 94% efficient CLASS D output delivers high current for continuous 2 ohm operation and is cool running, plus uses less AC power from the wall
- Switch mode power supply operates at 90,000 Hz delivering maximum efficiency while reducing heat and weight
- Variable speed fan runs silently while at low speeds
- Construction features solid metal shaft controls with threaded metal bushings
- Circuit boards are MIL SPEC, double sided, FR-4 glass epoxy
- Exclusive AC cord features a "lock-in" function to prevent accidental cord disconnect
- Designed and built by Carvin in the USA

- OUTPUT POWER: 8 Ohms: 700w, 4 Ohms: 1300w, 2 Ohms: 2050w
- OUTPUT MODE: high efficiency CLASS D technology
- POWER SUPPLY: high frequency switching
- REQUENCY RESPONSE: +/- 1 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz amplifier section
- PREAMP: 3 stage CLASS A
- PREAMP TUBE: 12AX7 switchable in/out
- ACTIVE/PASSIVE Input Jack: 10 dB gain switch - accommodates all basses
- ACTIVE TONE CONTROLS: +/-12dB @ 40Hz, 100Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 2kHz, 6kHz
- DI OUT with Pre/Post swtich: -50 to +4 dBu adjustable, DC isolated XLR output
- EFFECT LOOP: -10dBV, buffered 
- FS22 FOOTSWITCH: Controls Graphic EQ on/off & MUTE on/off
- SOFT START: gradually turns the amp on to prevent surges that can trip circuit breakers
- PROTECTION: speakers, over current, under voltage and thermal
- AC VOLTAGE: 120V 60Hz (230V 50 Hz "-E" models available) - Power Requirements: 600VA
- DIMENSIONS: 2U rackmount, 19" wide x 10.5" x deep 3.5" high
- NET WEIGHT: 14 lbs net (5.2 kgs)
- WARRANTY: 1 year parts and labor

Jamie Blomeling 
"I've never heard such an awesome sounding amp. My bass is once again alive!" 

Sookie Dallas TX
URL: http://www.bigbootybass.com 
"Just got my new B2000 bass amp....what can I say. Straight forward design, no frills, just solid tone and tons of headroom. I have a B1500 and love it...the B2000 is way lighter and gives a little more grit thanks to tube front end. It's always nice to have other bass players come up and tell you your bass punchs like a freight train! Thanks again Carvin!!!" 

Andrew Delunas Santa Cruz, CA 
"I've had my B2000 for a little over two months and I have nothing but positive things to say about it! Punchy, loud, deep, plenty of growl - in short, tone for days! And for less than $700 it simply cannot be beat." 

Tim O'Brien Huntsville, AL 
"I've used Carvin amps for the past 15 years, so when it came time to replace my aging R1000, the B2000 seemed the logical choice. I've gigged with it a few times already, and wow, I'm impressed! There's a ton of headroom, great tone, and it's so light it's hard to believe how much power it can muster. I think this amp and I have a long future together, great job Carvin!" 

Wayne Walker Concord, CA 
"I've had this amp for 3 weeks now and have done 5-6 gigs with it. My mind is blown! I don't think my SB5000 has ever sounded as good as it does now. The B2000 is so clean, articulate and punchy, with tons of bottom end. I'm running it through a Bergantino HT322... Massive! I will never have to fight with my guitarist for the bass frequencies again. Carvin has done it again!!!" 

Jay Ambrose Hickory, NC 
"Awesome amp. Great tone. Closes thing to my Sansamp RBI in tone. Perfect for powering BRX10.4 cabs. Love it." 

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