• Your Amp's Standby Switch: What It Does and How to Use It

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    Your Amp's Standby Switch: What It Does and How to Use It

    While longtime tube amp owners are familiar with operating the standby and power switches, the process may be slightly confusing for new guitarists or those switching over from solid state amps. Solid state amps only have a power switch that turns the amp on and off, but all of a sudden there’s another switch next to it on your new tube amp! Fortunately, the standby switch is very straightforward, yet absolutely essential. So essential, in fact, that all of Carvin Audio’s 50 Watt or more all-tube guitar amp models - such as the V3, X100B, and BELAIR come loaded with one. This article will explain what the standby switch does and how to use it.

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  • Guitar Amps: How to Choose the Right Tool for the Job

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    Guitar Amp: Choosing the Right One

    Buying a new amp for your guitar or bass can be one of the most exciting parts of your musical experience. New sounds and options can promise new inspirations. So when you do get the opportunity to pick out a new amp it isn’t unusual to find yourself rushing home to try it out. Unfortunately we sometimes realize later on down the road that we’ve overlooked something important we should have thought through when we went shopping. In order to make sure you get the right tool for the job, stop and think about some of the following considerations.

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  • Your Guitar Solo: How to Get Heard

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    Guitar Solo

    Delivering a face melting guitar solo isn’t just about pulling it off, it’s also about making sure that your guitar sound comes through loud and clear to really let your playing shine. Oftentimes, the tone you dialed in for a nice crunchy rhythm guitar just doesn’t translate to a searing lead tone. While it may be simply an issue of volume in some cases, it may be that you need a significantly different sound for your solo to cut through. To avoid playing the most rocking solo of your life with no one in the audience actually hearing it, try these tips.

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  • Getting a Good Guitar Tone in the Studio, Part 1: Choosing an Amplifier

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    V3M Recording Guitar Tracks in the Studio

    Getting a good guitar tone in the studio can be a different beast than dialing in your tone in a live setting. While some guitarists use the same amp setup for the studio and stage without issue, some prefer to switch it up and record with different gear.

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  • The Presence Knob, Demystified

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    Legacy Presence Knob

    Many of Carvin Audio’s guitar amplifiers come equipped with a knob labeled Presence (such as Carvin Audio’s V3M, Legacy, and Belair, to name a few). Though the exact technical details of this mysterious knob may vary, its overall purpose generally remains the same- to add edge and brightness to your guitar tone and serve as an additional tone shaping tool. 

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