• Amp Going into Protection Mode? Here's What it's Telling You

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    Amp with Protection Mode

    Imagine if our amps could talk- there would be a lot less incidents of blown speakers and mismatched impedances! While no one- even the most experienced guitar techs- can immediately determine exactly what caused an amplifier to fail without taking a look under the hood, some units do give off warning signs that there is something wrong to prevent that costly replacement or trip to the repair shop. Naturally, if you are really familiar with your amp, then chances are you know when it’s being pushed past its limits or set up incorrectly. But what happens if one day you’re not paying close enough attention or using a different setup? Today, we are going to discuss an overlooked, unsung hero of your amp- the protect light. Chances are you know it’s there, but you may have never seen it come on, or you have and you’re wondering what it’s trying to tell you.

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  • Headroom: What It Is And How To Get It

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    Bass Player - Headroom

    Headroom is a concept that is applicable to numerous different aspects of pro audio, from PA systems to loudspeakers to guitar and bass amplifiers. Each of these devices are intended to operate within a range- one that does not put stress on components or risk damage by operating too far out of the product’s capabilities. Headroom is the room you have above what you normally need or will need from your gear. Headroom is needed for both signal levels and output levels, but here we will be looking at output level.

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  • Rack it Up: An Introduction to Rackmount Setups

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    Band with Electric Guitars

    An important decision you may have to make when considering a new guitar amp is whether you want a rackmount setup or a traditional guitar amplifier head or combo. You probably know the drill with guitar heads and combos (if not, catch up on your reading by clicking here).

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