• The Electric Bassist’s Guide to Surviving an Acoustic Gig

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    The Electric Bassist’s Guide to Surviving an Acoustic Gig

    If you're used to playing electric bass, switching to an acoustic bass for a set can be intimidating. In addition to the technical adjustments you need to make in the move from an electric bass to an acoustic bass, there is also a whole new set of equipment considerations you need to take into account. After all, you can’t show up to that small coffee house gig with your full stack (technically you can, but you might scare the audience away when you load in!)

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  • Losing Low End with Bass Overdrive? Here are Some Tips You Can Try

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    Losing Low End with Bass Overdrive

    One of the biggest obstacles bassists face when trying to make a dirty or overdriven bass tone sit in a full band mix is preventing the loss of low end in their sound. Sure, a dirty bass tone can really liven up your band’s mix and fatten up the overall sound, especially in a power trio setting or for heavier styles of music, but the last thing you want to do as a bassist is compromise on holding down the low end. Many overdrive pedals, even those intended for bass, have varying degrees of low end loss which may serve as a deterrent to many players considering an overdriven bass sound. Fortunately, there are ways to beef up your bass tone with overdrive while still keeping the low-end fundamental intact.

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  • Making the Most of a DI Setup: a Bassist’s Guide

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    DI Box

    In a previous article, we discussed DI vs. mic for guitar and bass applications and how either choice could be appropriate for you. But what if you don’t get to choose? At some venues, the sound technicians might have their standard procedure to mic up guitar cabs and DI bass, as a common example, and you may find an old, crusty DI box waiting for you as you bring your awesome rig onstage. That is not to say there is anything wrong with using a DI; rather, that there are ways to use a this setup while still keeping essential aspects of your bass tone.

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  • How to Create Separation Between Bass and Guitar in Your Live Mix

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    Bass Player and Guitar Player at a Live Show

    Have you ever been at a live show and realized you can only hear each instrument clearly when the player is taking a solo? Have you also heard where one person takes a solo and everything else drops out? While these situations are not necessarily bad things, for instance a band that creates a “wall of sound” can be tastefully heavy. Creating separation between instruments can really help an audience appreciate the nuances of each band member’s playing and improve dynamics.

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  • Shortcuts to Becoming a Virtuoso Guitarist or Bassist, Part 2

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    Virtuoso Guitarist

    As we concluded Part 1 of this series, we were looking at different areas you might want to include in your rehearsal plan. Let’s look at some more focus points:

    Efficiency – Steve Lukather was one of my favorite players when I was a kid. When he played fast it was like something exploded inside him! But he still had incredible control of his phrasing and his bends sounded like they were crying. One night at an LA showcase gig, I was lucky enough to be invited to play in a group jam at the end of the night, right there on the same stage with Steve! Paying close attention as he began to solo, I immediately realized he was using some kind of magic- his fingers didn’t even move!

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