• How to Improve Your Live Shows By Reducing Your Stage Volume

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    How to Improve Your Live Shows By Reducing Your Stage Volume

    Let’s face it- a certain degree of loudness is par for the course at a rock and roll show. But louder is not always better. While nothing compares to standing in front of a cranked half stack and letting it rip, the fact of the matter is that most of the time, a band that is too loud onstage often sounds worse than one that makes a conscientious effort to monitor their stage volume! It sounds counterintuitive, but bringing your stage volume down can improve your live show for a variety of reasons.

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  • Choosing the Right Tube Amp for the Gig

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    Choosing the Right Tube Amp for the Gig

    Many guitar players dream of standing in front of a massive audience at a sold out show, playing through a huge stack of tube amps. While countless guitarists have actually done this, it doesn’t make too much practical sense (sorry to burst your bubble!) Not that you shouldn’t have that dream, but even if you are playing in an arena, the soundman will mic up your amp and use a quality PA system like a Carvin Audio TRx 3000 Series system to make sure your guitar is heard everywhere in the venue. Whether you are playing in a small club or actually playing an arena, your guitar amp probably won't have to do the heavy lifting.  Instead, your amp will provide stage volume and monitoring, and put out the tone that will be picked up by the mic and sent to the front of house. You don't necessarily need high wattage and lots of speakers to be heard.

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  • Protecting Your Investment: Road Cases

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    SV2 Road Case

    Once you’ve finally acquired that perfect power amp, bass amp, wireless system, or power conditioner, the next step is to invest in a quality road case to get it to and from the gig in one piece. Compared to studio equipment, stage equipment is subject to constant bumps and scratches as it is moved around, so it is essential to have a case that’s right for the job. Not only will the proper road case protect your investment, but it will allow you to house and transport your equipment a lot more easily and make you look and feel more professional doing so.

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  • How to Lead a Band and Keep it together

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    How to Lead a Band and Keep it together

    There exists an intricate and unique relationship between band members. With their varied goals and personalities, things have a way of getting tricky. Some members are more organized while others can be passive or direct. Musicians are by nature sensitive creatures, so inevitably a band becomes a loving, if somewhat dysfunctional family when the leader has what it takes to bind them together. Effective leadership within the band is imperative to create camaraderie, manage expectations, and get everyone on the same page. No matter what your band culture, here’s how you can ensure your group survives the ups and downs and doesn’t go astray:

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  • Choosing the Right Instrument Mic

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    Finding the right instrument microphone

    Purchasing the right microphone for your needs is not a simple task. Mics come in a variety of shapes and technologies, each suited for a particular purpose. There are also mics on the market, which can be used for a wide range of applications, but you still need to ensure they fit the bill for your specific situation. Two important factors when selecting a mic are the type of environment and the equipment with which the mic will be used.

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