• What a Buffer is and How to Tell if You Need One

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    What a Buffer is and How to Tell if You Need One

    In recent years, true bypass pedals have become a go-to solution for musicians looking to preserve their tone. True bypass pedals directly connect input to output when the pedal is switched off, thereby ensuring that the pedal’s  circuitry does not interfere with the guitar’s original tone when it is not in use. In short, with a true bypass pedal, if it's not on, it's as if the pedal is not there at all. Sounds ideal, right?

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  • Streamlining Your Band's Stage Setup: Tips and Tricks

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    Drummer view band

    Keeping your band’s onstage setup organized will not only make you look professional, but it can also help every band member focus on playing their best. Just like how a messy desk can reduce productivity and efficiency for an office worker, a messy stage can seriously throw a wrench into your band’s machine!

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  • Speaker vs. Instrument Cables - A Simple Guide

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    Instrument Cable

    Even the most experienced musicians forget essential parts of their rig from time to time. A drummer I know forgot his drum sticks at an out of town gig, and I myself have showed up to play at a local show having forgotten to bring my bass amp head (I had to use a DI that night)! It’s something that happens to the best of us. Fortunately, if there are other bands on the lineup or a helpful soundman, they may be obliged to help you out lending you the item you forgot, especially if it is something like a cable.

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