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Once you’ve finally acquired that perfect power amp, bass amp, wireless system, or power conditioner, the next step is to invest in a quality road case to get it to and from the gig in one piece. Compared to studio equipment, stage equipment is subject to constant bumps and scratches as it is moved around, so it is essential to have a case that’s right for the job. Not only will the proper road case protect your investment, but it will allow you to house and transport your equipment a lot more easily and make you look and feel more professional doing so.

When selecting a case, you need to make sure the case offers ample space for your equipment and a suitable level of durability. Weight is also important- protecting your gear should not come with the cost of making it unbearably heavy! Rackmount cases are a common transport solution for most applications, since they accommodate standard pro audio gear and offer a good level of protection against the rigors of the road. Most manufacturers build them out of plywood, nylon, or aluminum and offer them in different sizes, or rack spaces, in order to fit different gear configurations. The gear is mounted on internal rails within the case, keeping it safe from shock and vibration.

If you’re playing most of your gigs locally, you can get by with a soft case or rack bag since it is lightweight and offers ample protection. But if you tour often or need extra peace of mind, it’s worthwhile to invest in something more solid.

SV2 Road Case

Carvin Audio’s SV2 rack case fits the mold as an extremely durable, roadworthy case that’s not only tough as nails, but easy to move, too! Made from heavy-duty plywood and covered in tolex, the SV2 also features rugged additions like metal corner protectors to offer extra protection from wear and tear, and non-skid feet so that it can sit safely horizontally or vertically. You can grab it and go with a convenient side-mounted handle.  

While most rack cases come in your choice of black or more black, the SV2 lets you add a personal touch. It is available in your choice of custom colored vinyl, so your rack case will look sweet while protecting your gear. The SV2 works perfectly with the BX1600 or B2000 but will also accommodate any other 2-space gear. Offering both form and function, the SV2 is a professional rack case at an affordable price.


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