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The visceral, gritty punch of an overdriven bass is sonic nirvana to the ears of many bassists— that is, until the drummer and guitarist start playing too.

Adding some sludgy overdrive to a bass guitar, in many ways, contradicts the nature of the instrument. Since the bass serves as both the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of the band, it only makes sense for it to be as clean as possible, creating solid ground for the rest of the band to stand on. Send a bass into overdrive, and you may lose that pure foundation.

Getting a Good Bass Sound

But there are ways to make it work. First and foremost, you have to consider the band that you are playing in and its style. Bass overdrive often works best in loud, boisterous heavy rock or punk bands. If you think overdriven bass would sound out of place in your three piece country trio, it probably will. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try, though! There are no hard and fast rules here, and as long as your bass tone is supporting, not detracting from the overall sound of your band, you’re doing your job. It is also important that you purchase the right overdrive pedal, preferably one that is made specifically for bass. While a lot of guitar overdrive pedals do work on bass, they tend to attenuate the low end quite a bit since they are not designed to accommodate the low frequencies of the bass guitar. There are tons of options here, so bring your bass into your local music store and spend an afternoon trying out pedals. Ultimately, your ears and how your pedal sounds in the context of your band will help you find the right pedal for your needs.

If you’d rather not go the pedal route, there are bass amplifiers on the market that will let you dial in a nice grind with a twist of a knob. Carvin Audio’s BX700 Mono Block Bass Head comes equipped with an exclusive DRIVE control that pushes its CLASS A preamps into a sweet, harmonically rich overdrive. The amplifier’s extensive EQ and tone control section allow you to fine tune your sound, and its 700 watt power rating and internal 12AX7 tube provide plenty of clean headroom for your dirty tone.

Whether you’re a bassist in a three piece band looking to fill in the gaps, or an effects enthusiast looking to experiment with different sounds, adding some dirt to your bass can open up a new world of sonic possibilities.


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