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Guitar Player on Stage

A good solid footswitch is the unsung hero of a guitar or bass rig. While it may not be part of the glamorous backdrop of glowing power tubes and pilot lights upstage, adding a footswitch to your rig will help you take full advantage of the versatility of your Carvin Audio amplifier.

Carvin Audio offers a full line of footswitches that offer quick and convenient adjustments to your live sound. If you’re a bass player using the BX1600, the FS22 is a tried and true standby, offering you the ability to mute your input to change basses or switch up your graphic equalization for extra punch and bite during a bass solo. The FS22 also pairs well with guitar amplifiers like the VT50, Belair, Nomad, and Legacy 3 if you need to switch channels on the fly or turn your reverb on or off. And rather than doing the “pedal dance” with numerous effects pedals, you can consolidate it all into the highly functional FS22 and focus more on your playing.

Carvin Audio FS44L-V3M Footswitch

V3M users will love the FS44L-V3M. This footswitch offers easy switching among all three channels, so you can go from dark and chunky to bright and shimmering whenever you want, even mid-song! This switch also lets you turn the boost on and off for extra dynamic range for that heavy chorus. The FS44L-V3M takes it up to the next level with lighted channels, so you can monitor the status of your settings on the darkest of stages.

Carvin Audio footswitches are designed to help you make the most of your Carvin rig and put an array of sonic flexibility at your fingertips- or feet, rather. Add a footswitch to your setup and kick up your live sound a notch!


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