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Tour Ready Bass Cabinet

When the time comes for your band to hit the road for a couple of weeks or months, you’ve all worked on sounding your best. You’ve put in the time at practice, working on the set and making sure everything goes smoothly. You’ve turned knobs on your equipment and tried different settings, making sure that everything is dialed in. Hopefully, you’ve also made sure that all your equipment not only works as it should, but will hold up to the rigors of the road (and fit in the van!) It can be difficult to find gear that meets all these requirements, and if you’re a bass player, chances are you’ve sat there and pondered which cabinet could fit the bill.

Touring can be particularly hard on bass cabinets, and the musicians handling them. It’s definitely not fun moving a big bass cabinet around night after night, but many people still do it anyway and enlist the reluctant help of their bandmates, just because they like the sound of the cabinet that much. But with Carvin Audio’s BRx10.4, room-filling bass tone doesn’t have to come at the cost of ridiculous weight and taking up valuable space in the van.

The Carvin Audio BRx10.4 offers superior, full-range sound quality in a single, professional package. With 1200 watt power handling, this cabinet can handle the most powerful Carvin Audio bass heads, such as the B2000, with headroom to spare.

This ported cabinet is tuned down to 26 HZ, so the room can feel the authority in your low notes. This is perfect for five string players, as it will accommodate the low B string with ease. Whether you want deep and smooth, or clean and punchy, this cabinet can do it all!

And it won’t fall apart on the road, either. The BRx10.4 is made from premium 13-ply Russian Birch and is covered in DuraTex, a weatherproof, scratch resistant polyurethane. Whether there are bumps on the road, or bumps going up in the stairs into the venue, the BRx10.4 is ready for it. For added portability, this cabinet also has caster insert sockets and heavy-duty recessed steel handles.

With the BRx10.4, you don’t need to choose between tone and roadworthiness. Get tour ready today!


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