• Active Speaker Systems vs. Passive Speaker Systems Advantages and Disadvantages of Each to Help You Choose the Correct System

    4 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Concert with active column array system

    I am frequently asked “which are better, active or passive speakers?” The short answer is “Neither.” The real answer is dependent on many variables. My production company currently has inventory of both active and passive speakers. We use both very frequently and often at the same events. Here are a few ideas that you might consider when choosing between active and passive speakers.

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  • Passive vs. Active Speakers: A Rundown

    5 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Concert stage with passive and active speakers

    One of the biggest choices musicians and pro audio enthusiasts make when purchasing speakers is whether they should spring for passive or active speakers. Just like with any equipment, the right choice comes from a combination of understanding the main components of each and finding the one that best suits your application. This basic guide will cover the main differences between active and passive models and help you choose which one is better for your needs.

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  • Did you know the HD series has a low pass filter built in.

    0 comments / Posted by George Dreyer

    HD Series Power Amp with Low Pass Filter

    Did you know the HD series amplifiers have a 100Hz low pass crossover built in?  This is great for adding subwoofers to your system.  In many simple cases with full range top cabinets, you don't really need to crossover mains to the subwoofers.

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  • Bass Missing Down the Middle

    0 comments / Posted by George Dreyer

    While reading through a professional audio forum online, a question was brought up by someone regarding the bass response of his system. He was having problems with very little bass down the middle of the room, but still had bass on the sides. On one side of the stage, he had to put the subwoofer behind the main speakers, but he had delayed the rest of the system to compensate. He was unsure if the small delay was causing the low bass in the middle issue. His system was comprised of very high quality components with the proper amplifiers and loudspeaker processors, although no Carvin Audio products.

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  • A Real World Subwoofer Application

    0 comments / Posted by Joel Kiesel

    A Real World Subwoofer Application

    Subwoofers are a critical component to a great sounding live show. Experimenting with the placement of your subwoofers can have a profound effect on the coverage of low frequencies to your audience. We are going to examine a real world subwoofer application where the setup consisted of 16 TRx3218 dual 18” subwoofers distributed across the stage in 4 clusters each containing 4 subs. The software model below shows the coverage of the distributed clusters vs. a stereo setup with equal number of subs per side of the stage.

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