• How to 'Ring Out' Your Stage Monitor System: Part 2

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    How to 'Ring Out' Your Stage Monitor System

    "Ringing out" the monitors is an expression that describes the technique of locating and adjusting the frequencies most prone to oscillation in the stage environment to achieve the highest possible gain before feedback. Assuming you have set up the stage to your advantage as we discussed in Part 1, you should already have a good start towards achieving loud, clean monitors without feedback. Now it is time to optimize (or 'ring out') those monitors!

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  • How to 'Ring Out' Your Stage Monitor System: Part 1

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    How to 'Ring Out' Your Stage Monitor System

    Have you ever struggled with stage monitor feedback that you couldn't control? Or maybe you found that you couldn't get enough volume and clarity out of your system without causing feedback? If so, you might want to master the lost art of 'ringing out' your stage monitor system. What does it mean to 'ring out' your monitors and how will it help you overcome feedback issues? I'm glad you asked! In this series we'll examine the world of live sound on stage and see how this essential technique can yield huge gains (no pun intended) in terms of quality sound on stage.

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  • Can’t Hear Yourself Sing Live? Try These Tips

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    Can’t Hear Yourself Sing Live? Try These Tips

    Singers in bands of all styles tend to face a very familiar problem: the inability to hear themselves when singing along with the band. This frustrating problem can cause vocalists to strain their voice trying to over project and have problems with pitch ultimately giving less than their best performance. The human voice has its own distinct limitations- unlike an electric guitar or bass, a singer cannot simply turn up the volume on his or her amp if they are not cutting through. However, taking advantage of technology can help vocalists hear themselves over the din of a loud band.

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  • Powering Up and Protecting Your Rig: Surge Protectors vs. Rackmount Power Conditioners

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    Protecting Your Rig With a Rackmount Power Conditioner

    Once you’ve assembled the pro audio or bass rig of your dreams and racked it in a road case for good measure, it’s time to think about the best way to keep all your valuable equipment powered up and protected.

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  • How to Choose the Right Earplugs

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    Whether you’re jamming with a garage band or playing stadiums, it’s essential to protect your hearing. Our hearing is one of our most valuable tools we have as musicians, and once it’s gone it’s gone for good. In fact, if you leave a gig with your ears ringing, permanent damage has already been done to your hearing. Furthermore, if you constantly expose yourself to excessively loud volumes over a long period of time, you may develop Tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in your ears. In severe cases, that ringing may turn into buzzing, humming, or even singing sounds. Any kind of additional voices in your head is definitely something you want to avoid.

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