• What Can Gain Do for You?

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    What can gain do for you?

    If you've ever used a sound mixer larger than a tiny portable head-type, you probably noticed that each channel strip has a knob marked "gain" (or on some it could say “Trim”) at the top. You might even have figured out that when you turn it up the signal gets louder.  But what does the gain control really do, and how do you set it optimally to make your system sound its best? It turns out there is a very important reason for this almost universal feature.  Let's talk about "What Can Gain Do for You?"

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  • How to Choose a Mixer, Part 2: Understanding the Different Types

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    How to Choose a Mixer: C1648

    In the last segment, we discussed the basic functions of mixers and why they are essential to a live sound setup and the everyday gigging musician. In this piece we will discuss the different types of mixers available and help you decide which one is best for your setup. 

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  • How to Choose a Mixer: An Everyday Musician's Guide

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    How to Choose a Mixer: RX1200L 12 Channel Mixer

    A good mixer is an essential component of a live show. Even though the band and audience members alike may go the whole night without even seeing the mixer, this little piece of equipment has a big role in providing the best possible sound to the stage and the house.

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  • What Your Mixer’s Gain Knob Does and How to Adjust It

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    Man Mixing Console

    Knowing how to properly set the gain on each channel of your mixing console can go a long way in ensuring an optimal live or studio mix for your band. The gain knob, also referred to in some instances as the trim knob, is the first point of amplification and entry into your mixer. The term “trim” is also used, because it relates the high gain of the microphone pre-amp and the knob’s trimming back this gain. The purpose of the gain knob is to control the input volume of any instrument or microphone that you have plugged into that channel of the mixer or console.

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  • Mid Sweep Controls: Extra Tools for Your Tone

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    Guitar Player with Band

    The standard three band equalization system has long been a mainstay of mixers and guitar and bass amplifiers. Even minor adjustments to an amp’s bass, midrange, and treble controls go a long way in shaping your tone. These EQ controls, sometimes called Low, MID, and HI on mixers, are very common, intuitive and effective. However, in a dense band mix, some extra flexibility may be needed to dial in your amps tone or fit each player in their spot for a cleaner mix. Many guitarists can quickly address these issues by engaging an equalizer pedal or toggling to a different pickup. However, using and understanding an amp or mixer with a mid sweep can open new doors of tone shaping without having to add any additional components to your setup.

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