• Sound Investments: Choosing the Right PA for Your Church, Part 3

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    Choosing the Right PA for Your Church

    If you read parts 1 and 2 of this series, you should have a better idea of which format your church's PA system needs to be for your present needs. You should also have a plan for investing in equipment today that can grow and meet your needs tomorrow. What other factors do you want to keep in mind when planning a sound system? In this article we'll explore some other systems and accessories you'll want to incorporate into designing your system.

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  • How to Provide Audio For Outdoor Events: What Do I Need to Know For a Successful Show?

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    Line array with concert crowd

    Throughout the course of my career in audio production I have provided audio systems for hundreds of indoor and outdoor events. While the tools I utilize are often very similar, the approach I have towards each situation can vary significantly. Let’s take a look at what goes into the logistics behind each and what you can do to improve your audio quality in each situation. This article will deal with preparing for an outdoor show and how to decide what speakers to use.

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  • Sound Your Best and Make Your Audience Happy with Carvin Audio TRC Systems

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    Carvin Audio TRC Column Array System

    If you're a musician, DJ, or sound professional who has had to deal with PA systems, you know the drill. They are usually heavy, cumbersome, and take up a lot of space in the van, weighing you down on the way to the gig and especially in a touring situation. And while most music venues will provide a sound system for your performance, most inevitably you will play a gig where the PA has gone MIA. Or maybe there is a sound system, but it is on its last legs and isn’t able to put out the best sound to give your performance justice. With Carvin Audio’s TRC Active Column Array Systems, you get professional, high-fidelity sound in a portable package that gets the job done at any gig. These innovative systems feature full range, dynamic audio that will fill the venue and help your audience enjoy your music on a whole new level.

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  • Small Venue Systems

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    Small Venue Systems

    Music magazines, like Live Sound International or FOH (Front of House), often feature articles highlighting the latest in sound systems, but it seems a majority of these articles are catered towards large, up-scale budgets and locations. It’s always fascinating to read about what these bigger venues are doing and how quickly technology is progressing. However, many sound people work in hundreds of small venues throughout the US. If your band plays gigs in small venues or if you operate sound systems in small venues, your sound dynamics radically differ from the larger sites. You have to adapt your skills to the characteristics of small venues to achieve sound success.

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  • The Challenges of Outdoor Sound

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    The Challenges of Outdoor Sound
    People love being outdoors and it’s a part of our natural heritage, from camping trips and family BBQs to large sporting events held under open skies. A concert in the great outdoors offers a unique experience to the crowd, but represents many challenges for the organizers. Sound in the open air needs particular attention. Otherwise, the entire experience can be ruined. High frequencies can be ripped away by the wind and sound needs to reach the whole crowd, but not bother the neighbors. Luckily, there are an abundance of strategies and technologies that can be used nowadays to ensure you consistently get fantastic sound at your outdoor venues.

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