• Wireless Systems - Pro Setup Tips for Best Performance: Part 1

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    Wireless Systems - Pro Setup Tips for Best Performance

    A wireless system for your guitar, mic, or in-ear monitor can really open up your onstage experience. No longer tied to your amp by cables that can tangle and snag, you find yourself free to move anywhere on the stage and you can focus on putting on your very best performance. But as Spinal Tap's infamous Nigel Tufnel discovered, few things are more frustrating than a wireless system that isn't working as intended. When you set up your wireless just the same as the last time and it isn't working, you might start to feel like invisible little gremlins are out there messing with you. Fortunately, there is no such thing as gremlins and just like everything else on Earth, your wireless operates in accordance with the laws of physics. There is a reason the system isn't working, and the better you understand it the better your chances of avoiding performance issues with your wireless systems. In this series we will be learning the basics of setting up a wireless system and discuss ways to stop problems before they happen. 

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  • Sound Investments: Choosing the Right PA for Your Church, Part 3

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    Choosing the Right PA for Your Church

    If you read parts 1 and 2 of this series, you should have a better idea of which format your church's PA system needs to be for your present needs. You should also have a plan for investing in equipment today that can grow and meet your needs tomorrow. What other factors do you want to keep in mind when planning a sound system? In this article we'll explore some other systems and accessories you'll want to incorporate into designing your system.

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  • Can’t Hear Yourself Sing Live? Try These Tips

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    Can’t Hear Yourself Sing Live? Try These Tips

    Singers in bands of all styles tend to face a very familiar problem: the inability to hear themselves when singing along with the band. This frustrating problem can cause vocalists to strain their voice trying to over project and have problems with pitch ultimately giving less than their best performance. The human voice has its own distinct limitations- unlike an electric guitar or bass, a singer cannot simply turn up the volume on his or her amp if they are not cutting through. However, taking advantage of technology can help vocalists hear themselves over the din of a loud band.

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  • The Many Benefits of In-Ear Monitors

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    Band with In-Ear Monitors

    While a set of high quality monitors like Carvin Audio’s LS Series is a tried and true solution for hearing your band’s mix onstage, there are numerous reasons why changing it up with a wireless in-ear monitoring system can make your live performance even better.

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  • Personal Ear Monitor Tips

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    Personal Ear Monitor Tips

    This video offers advice that will be invaluable for first time ear monitor users as well as current users. Included in the video are tips on mixing, obtaining the optimal signal strength and how to deal with the isolated feeling of wearing earbud monitors on stage. 

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