• Did you Know the TRx2115A has settings for high power playback music?

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    TRx2115A powerful 2000W DSP processed active 15-inch main/ monitorDid you know the TRx2115A has optimized DSP settings to be used in high power music playback with the option of extended bass enhancement? The internal DSP (digital signal processing) is optimized for the time alignment and crossover point for the most efficient clean high output, but there are some optional added processing settings. The playback mode EQs the cabinet for high output music playback. This is ideal for DJs and banquet background music.

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  • How to Pick the Perfect DJ System

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    Pick the Perfect System for DJs

    There used to be a time when DJs had to lug heavy loads of vinyl records to their parties, used turntables and were spinning dance records. The advent of cassettes, CDs and then MP3 players revolutionized the DJing world. DJs now have virtual turntables on their laptops and instead of hauling around 70-pound speakers they can get better sound quality with smaller speakers half the weight. Throughout the digital evolution, one item has remained constant and that is the purpose of DJs.

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