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Speakon and 1/4" speaker cablesSpeaker cables equipped with Neutrik* Speakon connectors provide a multitude of benefits over standard quarter inch speaker cables. While quarter inch connectors work just fine, Speakon connectors take it up a notch with particularly useful features that will earn them a spot in your pro audio setup.

First and foremost, Speakon speaker cables look different than normal quarter inch or XLR cables and are extremely easy to identify with their trademark black and blue circular connectors. Not only will this streamline your cable organization and make set-up easier, but it may also save your equipment from damage and save you from a hefty gear repair bill.  On dark stages it can be difficult to distinguish standard cables from speaker cables, so by using Speakon, you eliminate the risk altogether. Your guitar player also won’t accidentally borrow the wrong cable to plug in his guitar!

Speakon connectors offer an incredibly secure connection with their twist and lock feature. All you need to do is twist the connector in the receptacle and it will have no chance of coming out-- your lead singer won’t be able to disconnect your rig during the gig! Speakon connectors are also capable of carrying high current, which make them perfect for powerful amplifiers. In addition, their contact points are internal to the connector, and not exposed for extra safety when connecting or disconnecting.

On the other hand, standard quarter inch cables are not only prone to disconnection, but their contacts are exposed, which may cause shorts or electrical shock. These contacts may also be subjected to dirt, oxidation, and corrosion, which over time may degrade the audio quality of your setup or cause the cable to fail. However, Speakon connectors self-clean each time you use them, making sure you sound your best each time you power on.

Carvin Audio products feature Speakon compatibility for the most professional sound possible.  We also offer a full line of heavy-duty Speakon cables in different lengths so you can hook up everything from your bass rig to your PA setup reliably and safely. Speakon connectors are only as good as the cable they are connected to, and Carvin Audio’s speaker cables stand out with professional grade construction. For top performance and durability night after night, Carvin Audio’s Speakon cables use high current copper wire and are equipped with a flexible, rubberized outer jacket. They also have built-in strain relief and are resistant to cracking, ensuring years of trouble-free use. Lock in your best possible sound with Carvin Audio’s Speakon speaker cables today.


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