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As a working musician, you spend a lot of your time and effort moving your equipment around. It’s a labor of love-- you want to sound your best and have the equipment to do it, but getting it in and out of venues night after night can be a taxing affair. Even if you’re the guy in the band who travels light, it often happens that the parking situation at the venue is less than ideal. Getting any sized rig or speaker setup from your car to the stage may pose some problems as you’re stuck lugging all your gear three city blocks.

A good solution is to put your gear on wheels, especially if you move heavy amplifiers and cabinets often.  A mover’s dolly works well as an inexpensive, readily available solution in some cases. However, the average dolly available at your local hardware store is often made from four pieces of hardwood covered in carpet on two sides. Since these are primarily designed to move furniture, they may not offer secure transportation for musical equipment nor stand up to the rigors of the road.  

Fortunately, Carvin Audio offers professional grade dolly boards to help you protect your gear, back, and peace of mind.

Carvin’s DB35 is an extremely durable 16”x24” dolly board that is made out of 15mm Baltic Birch plywood. Its low-profile design takes up minimal space while still offering a safe and secure platform for your gear to sit on. The Baltic Birch plywood construction resists warping and bending better than your standard hardwood dolly board and is rated to carry up to 1000 lbs. of equipment, so you can trust this board to provide safe transport for the long term.

Getting Your Gear to the Gig: Dolly Board

The DB35 is covered in non-skid black Duratuff, which not only blends perfectly into your stage setup, but also provides protection from the elements and can withstand heavy use. Compared to most standard dolly boards, which use 2 ¾” casters, the DB35’s heavy-duty 3 ½” swivel casters are smooth and squeak free.

When you’ve got professional gear, it only makes sense to have a professional dolly board. The DB35 will help protect your investment.


  • Posted On June 24, 2016 by Doug Westerkamp

    The quality of these dolly-boards is indisputable – the quality is EXCELLENT. However… whoever designed the boards and chose the hardware to be used must have assumed that THE WORLD IS FLAT and that we performers don’t ever have to deal with INCLINES when moving our gear. I don’t know about YOU, but MY driveway slopes to the street. Since the dolly board’s wheels have no brakes, the dolly board rolls away, under the truck as soon as I lift the speaker cab off of the board. Because of that, I always have to have an assistant ready to catch the board after I lift the cab up. That’s just plain SILLY! Why-on-Earth do these boards NOT have brakes on two of the four casters!? All my rack cases have brakes. The dolly boards should have brakes, too! Y’know!?? Aside from that one really HUGE design-flaw, I think the boards are awesome!. I own two of them just in case I can’t catch one that gets away from me. ;-)

    SO… my formal request to CARVIN… PLEASE start including at least ONE (though TWO would be better) LOCKING WHEEL on your dolly-boards! THANKS in advance!

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