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Did you Know:

Did you know the RX1200L and XP1000L have more than two internal power amplifiers? It is very common for "Box Mixers" to have a stereo power amp section for stereo mains speakers. Many, like our XP800L, have a switch feature that reconfigures the two amps to a mono main amp and a monitor amp. The XP1000L and the RX1200L have additional amplifiers, so you are free to run monitors without sacrificing your stereo mains. The XP1000L has one additional amp for a total of three internal power amps. This amp is connected to the monitor send mix on each channel and can be adjusted independent of the mains mix going to the other two amplifiers.  It can run up to two 8 ohm monitors. The RX1200L has two additional amps for a total of four internal amplifiers.  One amp is connected to the Monitor 1 send and the other to the Monitor 2 send, for running up to four 8 ohm monitors with two mixes. For a compact, portable stereo system with monitors, get the XP1000L 10 channel 1200 watt three amp mixer, or the RX1200L 12 channel 1600 watt four amp mixer.

RX1200L 1600 watt box mixer with 12 channels and four internal power amps.XP1000L 1200 watt box mixer with 10 inputs and three internal power amps.


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