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Stage with PA System

When planning an event or concert, one of the most difficult things can be choosing the right PA system to use and setting it up.  Of course, you can borrow one from a friend, but there still comes the issue of transporting it to the venue, setting it up, and plugging it in.  PA rental companies make your life easier, as they often will deliver the sound system to the venue and set it up, at a fee of course. But if you host events frequently, this is not very cost effective.

Considering Venue and Audience Size

To choose the correct PA system to use at your event, you must consider the size and type of the venue and how many people will be there. Small indoor venues require a smaller, less powerful sound system than would an outdoor venue, where there is nothing to reflect the sound.

Also, a large crowd tends to “soak up” the sound, so a PA that can put out more volume will be needed in more crowded situations.

It’s also important to consider what purpose the PA system will be used for. If it’s just going to be used for speaking or acoustic guitar, you can get away with a smaller system since these don’t require a lot of power or generate a lot of bass frequencies. If you’re going to accommodate a full rock band or DJ, you will need a larger system.

Common Venues and PA Examples

If it’s a small get together in your backyard with a singer/songwriter performing, a system like the Carvin Audio XP800L-PM10, which consists of a powered mixer with two PM10 speakers, will do the trick. For a larger event like an outdoor festival or county fair performance with a full band, you can’t go wrong with a Carvin Audio TRC System. If you need a compact, versatile speaker solution for any size event that falls in between, Carvin Audio’s S600B-2 battery powered portable sound system is the perfect fit.

Carvin S600B-2: A Versatile Solution

The S600B-2 is an all-in-one, portable column array system design that offers amazing sound quality for your event. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, so it can go anywhere you can go. With 400 watts of stereo power, it can easily cover most small and mid-sized events. It also comes equipped with many of the features that the larger PA systems have while offering significantly less weight, such as six channels, eleven inputs, and compatibility with wireless systems. Usually when you choose a portable sound system, it comes at the cost of power and volume, as portable sound systems tend to be suitable for only the smallest events. However, with the S600B-2 you don’t have to compromise!

Whether it’s a beach gathering, backyard punk rock show, or wedding reception, the S600B-2 will take the stress out of choosing the right PA system.


  • Posted On May 16, 2016 by Animal

    What JD said is kind of true. Initially your mailings were informative about basic situations, and did not seem concerned with marketing. But you’re increasingly hawking your products now to “solve these problems”. I understand you want to show FABs for your products, but these mailings are really starting to turn into ads! Back off some …

  • Posted On May 13, 2016 by Bernie Hynson Jr

    Own 4 Carvin guitars! I own 17 guitars, I am a professional Teacher…college, H.S. and primary grades. 37 yrs. retired, Performed in two of Maryland’s TOP band(s) from ROCK to BACH…..Own TRX equipment….I WOULD NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!! 4-2000 DCM’s, 2-1000 DCM’s, 4-TRx2115(gives me the option of sound needed according to the room size) 2-LS subs customized back in the “DAYS of CARVIN MODIFICATION” with 4" voice coils….“KILLER” bottom!!! 16 channel Carvin Board….superb!!!!! All Beta mics “all-around”the stage. Monitors: Carvin LS (4) and TRX (2), reference monitors (2) keys and drum, with 4 NEOS 15"PM spkrs. for side fills. (2) XP1000L Mixers for the MONITOR SYSTEM!!! RESULTS…….The Best ‘KICK-ASS’ sound, tone, mix AND monitor system ANY band I mixed, used myself….FOR ANYTHING!!!!! Total Control….(Bernie)

  • Posted On May 13, 2016 by John Demas

    Hate mail

    Dear Carvin,
    I like when you first started sending me email’s that has tips or seminars on various subjects ……. some have been written well, very educational and I have forwarded some to my entire class load at 4 University’s.

    Some of the topics and articles you sent were good information and educational even for a veteran like myself.

    This article on PA’s was weak (and I am being kind)!

    Maybe hit on some key ideas like: why powered speakers sound crisper or have drawings fr your manual on various band set ups ( solo, duo, small combo or full band ) monitors systems (could be another topic)
    Bass response of wood vs molded or 12" and 15" speakers. You get the ideas??

    Use this email which people will read and learn something from …. not spam that sounds like an ad!

    Please try to raise the bar or I will just send your email with Sam Ash and Guitar Center right to the trash.



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