DCM1540L Ultra Light Linear 1500W Power Amp

Made In USA

List:$798.00 $399.00

If you want an amp that delivers exceptional sound/reliability, ultra-light weight, models from 200w to 3800w and made in the USA quality, Carvin's DCM-L Series is the answer. You should seriously consider the ultra-light feature, which comes in part from its heavy-duty aluminum frame. Aluminum is more expensive than steel, but worth every penny to keep your rack as light as possible. Expect 2/3 to 3/4 savings over conventional amplifiers - 50 lb to 60 lb amps becomes 15 lbs. High power, uncompromised sound and maximum reliability is at its best for both touring systems and fixed installations. Each amp is Audio Precision™ tested, which includes a burn-in under full load to assure reliability & specs. The concert stage is the ultimate test of professional audio and for the last decade the DCM has made its mark serving top artists and concert venues night after night, year after year. The DCM is a proven American made workhorse backed by over 60 years of manufacturing excellence. The DCM1540L is specifically designed for high power 4 and 8 ohms applications. Not for use at 2 ohms. 

DCM1540L Features
- Ultra-light 14 lbs
- Highest value, lowest priced lightweight amp
- Power supply designed for superior bass
- Go "Green" - save energy and cost
- Quiet hum-free operation with noise less than -106dB for studio applications
- Ultra-low THD: 0.03% at 8 ohms
- Handles difficult mismatched or reactive loads
- Soft-start power-up prevents tripping AC breakers
- Speaker Guard™ protects from harmful DC
- Multi speed fans - rear to front flow for cooler racks
- Distortion-free limiters to help protect drivers
- Independent thermal overload protection
- Recessed front to prevent control damage
- Percentage of power, clip, bridge, protect and power indicators
- Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs
- Speakon™ & Binding Post outputs
- Convenient Ground Lift & Parallel Input switches
- Shock-proof SMT reliability
- Heavy-duty galvanized steel chassis
- Fit all racks - only 266mm (10.5-inch) deep
- Full 3-year warranty (USA) - Made in the USA 

Applications: Mains/Monitors/Subwoofers, Concerts, Events, Houses of Worship, Clubs/Restaurants, Auditoriums, Convention Centers, Mobile DJ's 

SERIOUS POWER - The CLASS A/B linear topology features high current bipolar output devices that reduce distortion to a near theoretical zero limit while delivering high slew rate performance for crystal clear highs and chest pounding bass - every note is vibrant, pure and natural. The DCM's headroom reveals its high dynamic power from the Switchmode power supply that operates at 130,000 Hz. Extreme currents are delivered to the most demanding subwoofer system, which are driven under 4 ohm bridge - 2 ohm operation. Every DCM easily handles the most difficult mismatched or reactive loads and is AC generator friendly. 

COOL EFFICIENT DESIGN - A high efficiency heat transfer system offers the most advanced cooling, which is one of the keys to reliable power. Five high ratio 6063-T5 fl ow-through aluminum heat sinks remove heat fast with multi-speed fans that runs quiet under 2 ohms loads. Air is pulled from the rear and exhausted to the front to keep the rear of your rack cool. R & D designed a "direct mount" system for the power output devices to be directly mounted to the heat sink, which eliminates any thermal barrier to keep your amp running cool. 

ACCESSORY GROUP - The accessory group features recessed front controls with status indicators that won't get bumped or easily moved. A rear "Ground Lift" switch eliminates ground loops. A "Parallel Input" switch eliminates the "Y" adapter typically used for paralleling channels. The mono "Bridge" switch delivers the full power of the amp (both channels) into one output. The limiters are available at the push of a button to help control peaks protecting your drivers. Connecting is done with balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs. The soft-start circuit gently turns the DCM on to prevent AC breakers from tripping.

- Built-in limiters help protect drivers
- LED indicators: power, clip, 3 levels, protect, bridge 
- Balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs
- Twist-Lock output connectors
- 3rd Twist-Lock connector for bridging
- Heavy-duty output binding posts 
- Rear switches: bridging, limiter, channel paralleling, ground lift
- Recessed knobs offer better protection against damage
- Each amp is Audio Precision™ tested, which includes a burn-in under full load


1 CHANNEL RMS continuous
- 8 ohms: 475 watts
- 4 ohms: 825 watts
BOTH CH RMS continuous
- 8 ohms: 425/425 watts
- 4 ohms: 750/750 watts
BRIDGED RMS continuous
- 8 ohms bridged: 1500 watts

Peak Power: 2100w (2 cycle pulse power) 

- Frequency Response: +-.5 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- THD< 0.03% @ 50% output, <.1% 20-20 kHz @ 90% output
- Output Topology: CLASS A/B
- Power Supply: Switchmode - 60% reserve - see kick drum test
- Damping Factor: >500
- Slew Rate: bridged mode >50v/µs
- Sensitivity (@ 8Ω): 1.4 Vrms
- Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 106 dB
- Input Impedance: >20K ohm balanced
- Speaker Guard™ DC protection for drivers
- Soft-start power-ups: prevents AC breakers from tripping
- Over-Current: protected
- Under-Voltage: protected
- Thermal: protected
- Fan: variable speed
- Shock-proof SMT construction
- FR4 fire retardant circuit boards
- Aluminum chassis
- Air Flow - "rear to front" for cooler rack
- AC generator friendly
- AC Input: 120VAC 60HZ
- Fuse: 25 amps
- 2RU rackmount 
- Dim: 19" (48cm) wide x 10.5" (26.6cm) deep x 3.5" (9cm) high
- Weight: 14 lbs (6.4kg)
- Made in the USA 
- 3 year warranty

Brian Philadelphia, PA
"I have owned dozens of amps and this is a good one! I also own an older DCM2000 which I compared this to. The 1540 is very lightweight and well made. In stereo mode it can drive two main speakers very easily to very high spl levels. Out on DJ gigs it performed flawlessly and didn't complain when pushed. I also tried it in bridged mode and it is very powerful. I recommend that you match your speakers to the amps power that you are looking for. For example, if your speakers are rated at 200 wrms (400 watts program), for general types of music get an amp that has at least 200 wrms. If you play hiphop or rock, get an amp rated at 400 wrms. FYI... this amp is much better than the QSC GX5 which I sold to buy the DCM1540L!" 

Tim Davis Las Vegas, NV
"I have been running Crest amps on the high end of my 3 way system in a 500 seat church for years. One finally died and took the stage left horn drivers with it. I replaced it with a DCM1540L and could not believe the difference in clarity....Wow. Now I'm getting another to replace the amp on the other side even though the amp I'm replacing is just fine. I've been in the sound business for several decades and this little amp delivers in a way only your ears are going to believe. I highly recommend it for any system, especially bi-amped and tri-amped systems that demand crystal clear high end amplification." 

Jason Lillico Houston, TX 
"I am currently using QSC PLX amps and have never really been happy with them. I also have two TCS Audio amps which I love, so I decided to try the DCM1540L when I had a QSC fail on me during an event. I could not be more pleased. The power output is awsome and did not compare to the QSC PlX. The clarity is amazing. I am glad the amp is made in the USA were Americans can still demonstate or talents. That is very important and I plan to but one more 1540L and a 3000L in the near future." 

Byron Baltimore, MD 
"Great amp, high damping factor really brought my JBL Mpro subs alive! My rack dropped 60lbs after buying these. Just added this amp to power my JBL MPro400 18 subs. It smokes the same wattage Samson 1500 amp I was using. The higher damping factor must be the key. Also at 14lbs compared to 43lbs I am in heaven. Great amp, great price thanks Carvin!" 

Hugo Villegas Altus, OK 
"I have 2 of these amps and had used many brands before and these are by far the best in quality and performance. Keep up the best work Carvin!" 

Lucky Mataele Denver, CO 
"I just got my DCM1540L and I must say this amp ROCKS!! No distortion at high levels and the sound is more clear than any other amps I've ever used in the past. Lots of overhead room even though it pumps out 750 watts RMS @ 4 ohms per channel!!! I was skeptical in buying this and was considering the QSC X5. After comparing it Im glad I got the DCM1540L. Also quick shipping and great customer service! Packaging was very good and I'm proud to buy an American Made Product! Thank you Carvin!" 

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