Studio Stage Vocal and Instrument Microphones

Carvin Studio Stage Vocal and Instrument MicrophonesCarvin offers professional stage microphones for every application, including vocals, instruments and drums. Carvin mics are high quality, and built to last while providing faithful audio reproduction for vocals and instruments.

Our M50 & M68 vocal mics and M67 instrument mic also include a FREE 20' XLR mic cable, making these mics a great value.

The CTM100 tube condenser is perfect for recording both vocals and instruments. The dual diaphragm, multi-pattern design has 9 different settings. It features dual 1 inch gold sputtered 5 micron diaphragms in a special shock mounted capsule and a vacuum tube pre-amp, all suspended in a machined casing.




Wireless Microphones

Carvin Wireless MicrophonesCarvin offers wireless systems for every application, including hand-held vocals, instruments, headsets and lavalier. The UX16 professional wireless systems offer 16 channels for running multiple systems simultaneously. Dual Diversity receivers automatically switch to the best signal path to eliminate drop-outs. USM16 systems are designed to be installed internally in Carvin portable mixers and consoles. The UX1000 wireless system features 960 user selectable channels with diversity UHF receivers. Superb tone, anti-feedback control, low battery indicator and assignable groups are just some of the features of the UX1000. Step up to a wireless that will exceed all your expectations.




Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitors & Accessories

Carvin Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitors & AccessoriesWireless monitor systems are a terrific alternative to cumbersome floor monitor wedges, facilitating greater freedom of movement while enabling one to hear everything in either high fidelity mono or stereo. That is what the EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System is all about. Ideal for both on stage use and rehearsals, performers can use as many as 16 complete EM900 systems simultaneously on stage and any number of EM901 stereo receivers on the same frequency. Take your live performance to the next level with a wireless monitor system from Carvin




Direct Boxes

Carvin Audio's premium direct boxes allow you to convert an unbalanced 1/4" input signal to a balanced XLR output signal. This is necessary for long distance cable runs from the source to the mixing console minimizing signal loss and eliminating unwanted noise that can be introduced into the 1/4" cable during the run from stage to mix position.