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The English Beat kicked off an extensive tour on Friday night at the legendary Belly Up in Solana Beach CA. They put the finishing touches on their new album "Here We Go Love" just before the first of two nights at the Belly Up. 
Dave Wakeling and guitarist Jared Palazzolo are playing V3M micro amps. Dave set out to have the band utilize a much more compact rig for the tour. Jared chose the V3M head and a 112V cab which he mounted into a Carvin Amplifiers RW8 Road Warrior case. The 112V was placed into a custom built case for the tour. Dave Wakeling decided to go with the V3MC combo that was covered in white tolex. Bassist Larry Young went with a BX700 head and a BRx10.2 cab. Larry has a 2nd BRx10.2  for larger outdoor shows but quickly discovered that the power of BX700 and efficiency of the 10" drivers did not require the use of the 2nd BRx cab.
The band rolled through hit after hit from both the English Beat's catalog as well as General Public's catalog. "I Confess", "Mirror in the Bathroom", "Save it For Later", "Tenderness" and so many more hits had the sold out crowd on their feet the whole night. Dave and the band gave a grateful shout out to Carvin Amplifiers and thanked everyone for their support. After the show, Dave shared some time with the Carvin staff in attendance and stated that his first large rehearsal system here in the states was a Carvin Audio system. 
The band packed up and was off to the next venue in Arizona where the show was already sold out. Here's a few photos from the first night at Belly Up.


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